Education Words

Level: Beginner
education words cover image: an empty classroom


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  • Classroom: teacher, students, teaching, desk, chair, blackboard, chalkboard, whiteboard, students raising their hands to ask or answer a question, presentation, slides, lecturer, and presenter
  • Library & lockers: library, bookcase, book shelves, card catalog, reference, research, globe, and lockers
  • School supplies: ballpoint pen, colored pencils, award, blue ribbon, backpack, cap, diploma, compass, crayon, eraser, protractor, folder, lunch bag, brown bag, paper, pencil, notebook, paperclip, scissors, stapler, triangle, ruler, and calculator
  • Outside of school: parent, child, parent saying 'bye' to child, school bus, homework, walking to school, crossing guard, sick day, sports, extracurricular activities, and cheerleader