Medical Words

Level: Beginner
medical words cover image: a medical needle


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  • Medical Professionals: doctor, physician, pediatrician, nurse, paramedics, ambulance, surgeon, and laboratory technician
  • Conditions: headache, sneeze, pregnant, pregnancy, heartburn, ulcers, ulcer, peptic ulcer, stomach, duodenum, hip replacement, elderly, and old age
  • Tests: blood test, thermometer, x-ray, radiograph, eye exam, pull-up, chin-up, treadmill, breathing test, mammogram (breast cancer test), weight scale, and MRI
  • Treatments: first-aid kit, ice bag, pills, drugs, inhaler, crutches, neck brace, walker, vaccine, and wheelchair
  • Tools: dental mirror, dental probe, ear probe, rubber glove, scalpel, gurney, mortar, pestle, microscope, prescription pad, hypodermic needle, head mirror, and stethoscope
  • Procedures: CPR, dental cleaning, giving blood, donating blood, and IV (intravenous) drip
  • Anatomy: [digestive system] esophagus, stomach, liver, gallbladder, duodenum, pancreas, colon, small intestine, rectum, and anus; [immune system] tonsils, adenoids, lymph nodes, lymphatic vessels, thymus, spleen, Peyer's patches, appendix, and bone marrow; [respiratory system] bronchus, alveoli, bronchiole, right lung (3 lobes), and left lung; [spine] cervical, thoracic, lumbar, Cauda equina, vertebra, intervertebral disk, sacrum, and coccyx